Population Health Nurse

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The Professional Development Assignment should be between 1500 and 2000 words with minimum of two sources from the literature outside of your textbook for this course.

You are a population health nurse working with congestive heart failure clients (greater than the age of 65) who receive services from your hospital. From a population health management perspective, identify services and interventions that address the health needs of this particular population. Your exploration with this particular population should include cost-effective interventions that address health promotion and illness prevention, risk management, care coordination, and disease management.

Required Resources:
Clark, M. (2015). Population and Community Health Nursing (6th ed.). Pearson. ISBN: 9780133846584. Read Chapters 1 & 12.
Additional Resources:
Case Management Society of America. (2016). Standards of practice for case management.
Moore, K., Jiang, L., Manson, S. M., Beals, J., Henderson, W., Pratte, K., Roubideaux, Y. (2014). Case management to reduce cardiovascular disease risk in American Indians and Alaska natives with diabetes: Results from the special diabetes program for Indians healthy heart demonstration project. American Journal of Public Health, 104(11), e158-64.
CurryTBCenter. (2015, June 3). Nurse Case management of Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis Webinar [Video]. YouTube.
Johnson, D. (2015, January 27). Case Management Job Descriiption [Video]. YouTube.

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Population Health Nurse

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