Principles of ethics-pharmaceutical companies

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Principles of ethics
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Highlight two ethically inappropriate activities of pharmaceutical companies and their representatives in their dealings with clinician-prescribers. What is whistleblowing, from an ethical perspective? Is the BBC Panorama approach in exposing the unorthodox practices of the pharmaceutical industry in “recruiting” doctors to prescribe the medications ethical – if yes, why, if no, why not? – 5 marks

Propose a detailed administrative approach to assure ethically acceptable practices in dealings between clinicians and the pharmaceutical industry in relation to (a) distribution of “free” drug samples to clinicians; (b) disclosure of payments by pharmaceutical industry for lavish meals, and sponsorship of prescribers to conferences; (c) pharmaceutical industry sponsorship of continuing medical education; (d) regulation of , industry sponsored clinical studies undertaken by hospital clinical staff. – 5 marks. (Total – 10 marks).

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Principles of ethics-pharmaceutical companies

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