Privacy Rights of Individuals

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Privacy Rights of Individuals
Instructions: Research the issue and form a position (pro or con) based on your research. When forming your opinion, use an ethical framework to support your position. The assignment requires that you write at least a 3 page paper (double spaced) to support your position. You should use at least 3 references which should be cited properly using APA style at the end of the paper.

For this paper, you should include the following:

    Research the case Google Spain vs. AEPD and Mario Costeja Gonzalez.  Explain the premise and outcome of the case, why is it important? Did Google make changes following the resolution of this case?
    In general, what are the privacy arguments for protecting the right for certain information not to show up in a search result?
    In general, what are the arguments for the right to free expression?  
    Include one other legal case that involves privacy vs. the right to free expression and explain why you included this case and why it is important.

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Privacy Rights of Individuals

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