Psychology Research Questions

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Q1. Based on what we learned in class, is surgical operation of replacing a faulty lens with a good one sufficient enough for an adult patient with cataract? What about for a young baby? Why or why not? If surgery is not enough for a (very) young patient, what else would also be necessary? Please explain.  What would be the rationale underlying the passive intervention for preemies? What could be the active intervention for preemies? How does it work? What are the theoretical justifications for the active interventions?

Q7. Based on the blackboard file Precision Medicine, please explain why it is not necessary to treat all types of breast cancer.? What is the scientific basis to decide to treat or not to treat? Please also discuss the diagnoses and treatments step by step as well as the pros and cons of each one.

Q8. Who was the most studied psychological research participant? Why is he so important, given that   he was a celebrity of VIP? What are the major contributions to the field of psychology based on the numerous studies on this single case? Even he passed away, neurobiologists continued studying his brain in slices. Why sliced his brain with a machine instead of cutting it into small chunks with a knife?

Q9. Based on what we discussed in class, please explain why hermaphrodites who possesses both male and female reproductive organs cannot pass on their XXY chromosomes to the following generation. Many of them had transsexual operations, what is the percentage of them chose to become female and why?  What is pseudo-hermaphrodite or congenital adreno-hyperplasia (CAH)? What is its chromosome type, etiology (cause) and treatment? What is untreatable in the case of CAH?

Q 10. We have watched several cultural customs around the world, including traditional Chinese women’s foot-binding, Burmese women’s neck elongation, East Africans’ lip enlargement, as well as modern women’s high-heel shoes, and cosmetic surgeries (e.g., BBL).  Please discuss whether men or women invented these customs and for what purposes.

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Psychology Research Questions

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