Reading Response topic “Spatializing Culture”

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Reading Response topic “Spatializing Culture”
Each week, a good part of our class will be a discussion on the readings led by student questions. You will pick 2 weeks for which you will arrive having formulated two questions from the readings: 1) The first question must engage with a particular passage from that week’s material and offers a means of unpacking, troubling, questioning, or engaging with the author’s point. 2) The second question must bring in an outside example you think illustrates a key issue or idea from that week’s material. This can be something from your own experience, current events, history, etc. These questions will form the basis of our discussion for that week and should be thought- provoking and well-articulated. When you are reading the unofficial essay. Plz separate these two questions into two paragraph. For the first one plz highlight and screen shot from the original text and help me more easier to check it later. For this week topic is “Spatializing Culture”, plz follow the topic and provide some personal experience, current events, history, etc. As well as plz highlight the author main ideas

Same as last time, but this time you need to reduce the word account around 650. And plz pick one particular statement/ key point from the paragraph.

Just a Reading response, not an essay. Just tell me the key points.
connect to something from your own experience or interests
and highlight a passage you found particularly thought-provoking and why.

if you apply the sentence from the text and plz mark the pages as well.
I need all the thing from the paragraph, do not need other sources.
You did really good job last time. Just follow last time did the same thing. But point out the key ideas of the text plz.

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Reading Response topic “Spatializing Culture”

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