Republicans make gains and take control

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Look at these articles and consider the questions in the bullet points.  Use the articles to answer the questions.  If there isn’t a direct answer, think about what you think the answer might be and try to answer the question.  

Do your own work.  Answer the question under “Discussion.”  Write a short essay that answers the bullet points and use the supplied articles.  (The full articles are there because of the paywalls in some newspapers.). Please reply to at least two of your classmates’ essays.  Look under “Rubrics” so you can see the grading criteria.  

This assignment, including your responses to at least two classmates, by midnight on December 5.  

Here are ten articles that students can read regarding why Republicans did so well in the off year 2022 elections, particularly in Texas. 

As students read these articles, students should attempt to answer the following questions.  Grades for this exercise are competitive—students are in competition for points. Do not worry so much about proper citation, just casually refer to articles that make students’ arguments or answers to these questions. Of course, students should observe grammar, syntax, as they attempt to answer these questions in their discussions regarding: 

  • Why did Republicans make gains and take control of the House of Representatives? We may not know the outcome of the Senate races and who controls the Senate until December.  
  • Why can’t Democrats pick up any rural areas of Texas? Where are Democrats popular?  Why do Democrats do poorly in rural areas of Texas?  How do Republicans capture the suburban and the rural areas of Texas? 
  • Why don’t women and minorities vote for Democrats? What issues are important to women and minorities? 

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Republicans make gains and take control

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