Research Assignment # 1- International Marketing

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You work for a $1 billion dollar US manufacturing company. You can choose the business and product line to company produces. The company does 90% of it’s business in the US and the balance in Canada. Competition is fierce but no one company dominates the market. The market is considered saturated.

The company has decided to expand into new markets and has targeted underserved North African nations as an opportunity. The company does not plan to invest capital in the identified country, rather ship finished product from the US.

The Company has asked you to head up the research and planning of the expansion. The first step is to identify the country, or area best suited to initially expanding.

Your report, to be a minimum of 4 full typed pages (12 font, Calibri font, double spaced, 1” margins Citations and references required. The reference page is not counted as one of the 4 pages) is to identify and report on the selected target country and the conditions or issues that may be encountered and overcome.  Why are the conditions to enter the county’s market attractive? Tip- Use Chapter 2 to lead you in the right direction.

The country you select is a real country, or a group, so information to help identify problems is likely to be readily available on the web.

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Research Assignment # 1- International Marketing

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