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Week 8: Retirement

Thinking about Retirement

Think about your own retirement. In a 5 paragraph essay of at least 500 words, answer some or all of these questions:

Do you expect to retire at a certain age? How much preplanning will you need to do? Do you expect to retire to a life of leisure, volunteer activity, new career, and so on? Where will you live—same family home, retirement community, part of the year in the north and part in a southern resort? Do you expect to be active grandparents/great-grandparents or somewhat disengaged from your offsprings’ families? What are your overall impressions of retirement—is it positive, neutral, or negative? Why? Use at least 2 references to support your assumptions. Your references need to relate to concepts learned about retirement and must be scholarly/academic in nature. Use of .com websites is not appropriate.

My answers:

I expect to retire in my late 50’s or maybe earlier depending. I think preplanning is always a good idea that way you are set up for when that time comes. I expect to retire in a life of leisure and vacations. I will want to live in the mountains somewhere and just live a simple, laid back retirement. I plan to be very active much like I am now and continue to exercise and be outdoors as well as being active with my grandchildren and just continue to enjoy life. I would say I have a positive outlook on retirement, I don’t want to work all of my life and enjoy the time freedom I have and think it’s important to work hard now to enjoy your life but also not to sacrifice your youth working super hard as well.

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