Rhetorical Modes Anthology

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Rhetorical Modes Anthology
What Is an Anthology?
An anthology is a collection of writings. The writings are often unified by an idea or topic.
For your anthology, you will choose a topic (for more information on choosing one, look at the
Rhetorical Modes Anthology topic sheet). You’ll then write 3 short, researched pieces related
to that topic, each in a different rhetorical mode (Narration, Descriiption, Process Analysis,
Division & Classification, Comparison & Contrast, or Cause & Effect). You’ll then create an APA-
style document which contains your writing pieces. The assignment will give you practice in
research, APA format, and your 3 chosen rhetorical modes.
 Length: at least 1200 words (3 mode sections @ 300+ words each + intro & conclusion).
It may go longer than this.
 Format and Citations: APA
 Structure: includes an introduction, 3 body sections (1 per mode), and a conclusion.
 Content: an introduction which gives an overview of the topic and discusses the
rhetorical modes chosen for it; 1 body section of multiple paragraphs devoted to each
mode (3 body sections total); a conclusion which explains what was learned from the
assignment. Use bolded subheads to separate between and within body sections.
 Sources: minimum of 4 sources (1 in the introduction + 1 per body section). At least 1
of the sources must come from the library databases.
 Fluency: written clearly and vetted for grammar/mechanical errors
 Revision: Include a Grammarly report with at least a 90 grammar score and no more
than 10% plagiarism score.
 Extra Credit: A 4th body section on a 4th rhetorical mode (with 1 additional source) may
be included for up to 30 points of extra credit.

● construct a thesis that clearly expresses the main idea of the assignment
● connect supporting ideas/details to thesis statement
● recognize credible source material
● integrate source materials into an essay
● use APA page format and documentation format
● write grammatically correct sentences

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Rhetorical Modes Anthology

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