Situation Analysis

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Introduction: Paragraph explaining background, context, and purpose of the report.
• Situation Analysis Explained: Define and explain the strategic planning process, conducting a situation
analysis, and SWOT analysis. (See Ch. 2.2 in text)
• Market, Company, Trends: Use the Messiah Library Databases (login required) to access Mintel.
Select a market industry report such as “Pet Supplies – US – 2022,” “Frozen Snacks – US – 2022,”
“Electric & Hybrid Cars – US -2022, “Fast Casual Restaurants – US – 2022.” Define the market and
describe key trends. Then select one product/service/brand in that market to focus the situation
analysis. Gather additional market research using, Statista, Marketing Charts, annual reports,, and other resources accessed through Messiah Library Databases (login required).
• Assess the Internal Environment: Describe the company’s history, mission, products, and customers.
Provide specific marketing performance data such as sales/revenue or market share over time.
(See Ch. 2.2)
• Assess the External Environment: Describe key competitor, political, legal, economic, demographic,
social, cultural, technology, and natural resources that are impacting current marketing performance
most in positive or negative ways. (See Ch. 2.2)
• SWOT Graphic: Summarize what was found in your situation analysis research from the previous
sections into a four quadrant SWOT graphic (See Figure 2.2 in text). Organize previous information
into key internal strengths and weaknesses and external opportunities and threats. Do not simply
copy or cite a SWOT already created online.
• Marketing Objectives: Based on what you found above for marketing performance data
(sales/revenue, market share) set a specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time bound
marketing objective for the company to achieve during the next marketing budget year. (See Ch. 2.3
in text & this article).
• Marketing Problem: Based on all you found in the situation analysis explain what you feel is their
main marketing problem to be solved or opportunity to be taken advantage as the core basis for the
need of a new marketing plan?
• Conclusion: Paragraph summing up what was presented and learned.

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Situation Analysis

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