Social Media and 4th Amendment Protections

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Research paper
Write a five to six page, double-spaced research paper on the unfolding questions about social media and 4th amendment protections. The paper should answer the following questions:
Does the 4th amendment protect social media content?
What content should law enforcement be allowed to collect? And under what circumstances?
How is social media content similar to other personal property?
Discuss an example of a law enforcement agency’s attempt to use social media for criminal investigations. Include the arguments on both sides of the issue and discuss the ways it has been resolved and any outstanding concerns.
I have provided several sources to assist you in your research. You may include more, but you should draw on all of the sources to write your paper.
Levinson-Waldman, R., & Díaz, Á. (2020, July 20). How to reform police monitoring of social media. Retrieved December 1, 2020, from
Social media and tactical considerations for law enforcement. (2013). Washington, D.C.: COPS, Community Oriented Policing Services, U.S. Department of Justice.
Mund, B. (2018). Social Media Searches and the Reasonable Expectation of Privacy. Yale Law Journal, 19(1), 5th ser.
Moreland, M. (2016). Apple Inc. and the FBI: Balancing Fourth Amendment Privacy Concerns against Societal Safety Concerns in the Digital Age. University of Cincinnati Law Review

you can use as many source require.

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Social Media and 4th Amendment Protections

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