Social Media and College Sport

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Social Media and College Sport
This assignment examines the impact of media on college sport looking specifically at social media. Understanding how various media sources are used in sport can help students examine trends and develop strategies to maximize the social utility of media.

Read the following article – Use of Responsible Decision Making Model for Athletics to Address Conflicting Priorities at NCAA Division I Member Institutions and complete the following assignment:

Social media provides a unique platform for athletes and sport organizations to connect with fans beyond the traditional sources of media. Conduct research and find outside resources to discuss the impact of social media on society and college athletics. In your essay, answer the following questions:
What are the benefits of social media use in college athletics? What are the negatives?
Does the impact of social media compare to or differs from traditional sources of media as highlighted in your textbook.
How should an athletic administrator navigate social media usage for college athletes?

Minimum of 3 pages, maximum 5 pages
Times New Roman 12 pt font
Double spaced
APA format for submission, all outside sources discussed must be cited.

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Social Media and College Sport

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