Social Perception

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Social Perception
Recollect a time when you made judgements and built perception about a person. Write an essay weaving in your responses to the following questions:

What were the factors that led you to build this perception of the other person? Think of social and cultural factors like physical appearance, race, ethnicity, beliefs, and values etc. before concluding on the factors.
How strong was this perception built and how long did you carry this?
Now, consider your learnings on how to mitigate these perceptions and outline a plan of action that you would apply to eliminate this perception.
What have been your personal key learnings through this experience and how would you avoid them in future?

Write your essay in APA format. Do not repeat the questions in your paper. Weave your responses into in integrated, coherent essay. Support your analysis with at least two relevant peer reviewed scholarly references

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Social Perception

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