Solution for Diabetes in the Hispanic Population

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Solution for Diabetes in the Hispanic Population
Assignment 4 requires that you lay out a plan for the intervention you will be implementing for Diabetes within the Hispanic population. You will be conducting a Capstone project by intervening with a nursing action yourself for Diabetes in the Hispanic population. Your intervention should be something that is within your scope of practice, can be done within the time frame of this course (10 weeks) and will be done by you. You should include any tools you may be using in your plan with your paper. For instance if you are going to educate someone about something you should submit the powerpoint or patient teaching sheet, etc. and make sure to explain how you will use the tool in the paper. Make sure to use “I” statements such as “I will carry out my plan by…” or things like “My state Nurse Practice Act will affect my plan …”, “I will use technology in my project by…”. Remember this is your plan not a summary.

Be sure to include the following required grading criteria:

What leadership style will YOU use to implement YOUR project? How will YOUR interventions change things for your population? How might nursing ethics affect YOUR nursing actions during this project? You MUST include a tool that you will use to implement your project.

What is YOUR plan to address your identified problem? What is YOUR intervention? What will be YOUR role in this Capstone project? Please add more detail about what YOU intend to do to implement your intervention. What do your authors say about this intervention? How will YOUR intervention improve quality, safety and reduce costs for your patient as well as the health care organization? What benchmark data did you find to support that this intervention will positively impact your identified problem? The intervention must be something within the scope of your practice, done by you and can be done within the time frame of this course.

How will YOU use technology in YOUR nursing intervention? How will YOU incorporate community services into YOUR plan? How will YOU coordinate services for this population to address YOUR identified problem? What do your authors say about the technology, care coordination and/or community resources?

What did your authors have to say about current policies and how they could impact YOUR plan? How did the State Board of Nursing standards guide YOUR decision making while developing your plan to address your identified problem? How did they affect your scope of practice? What did your authors say about the effectiveness of these standards and/or policies? Have you reviewed any organizational policies that would govern your plan? Ex: Joint Commission, ANA, AHA, Healthy People 2020, etc. Governmental policies? Ex: ACA, CDC, OSHA, HIPAA, etc. What are some of the weaknesses of the policies your authors spoke about? How could these policies hinder the implementation of your strategies? How could the policies impact the administration of high quality care or costs? How can your nurses contribute to policy development?

What strategies will YOU be using to communicate and collaborate with all of the stakeholders in this project? What do YOUR authors say about these strategies? What are the benefits of including the stakeholders in the development of YOUR plan?

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Solution for Diabetes in the Hispanic Population

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