State of Delaware Juvenile Crime Rate from 2006 to 2020

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State of Delaware juvenile crime rate from 2006 to 2020
The course is divided into two main sections. Section 1 covers various social problems within our society as demonstrated in the text assigned for the course (Social Problems: Continuity and Change – no author listed) – modules one to three. Section 2 examines the theoretical framework of a social business and how to set up a social business. Section 1 will be assessed through exams as described below. Section 2 requires a term paper. Each student is required to identify a social problem as covered in section 1 of the course and then incorporate the theoretical framework and examples demonstrated in section 2 to define and analyze the issues. From this, the student will put together a strategic plan.

Organize the paper as follows

The structure of the paper should include:

Cover Page (APA style) – 1 page
Table of Contents (APA style) – at least 1 page
Introduction to the problem – summarize the problem, use statistics, results of previous studies, news articles, etcetera; and then identify the issues your paper will address – at least 1 page
An expanded description of the problem – at least 3 pages
Action Plan – Identify ways in which society can resolve the problem. Adopt a method described in the article listed above. While this is only a term paper try to be as realistic as possible – 5 to 7 pages
Conclusion – 1 page
References – all references should be cited in the body of the paper using proper APA formatting.

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State of Delaware Juvenile Crime Rate from 2006 to 2020

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