Supreme Court overruling Roe v Wade

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Each  student will summarize & critique the pros & cons of these policies (4 pages text)

Supreme Court overruling Roe v Wade, June 24 2022:


INSTRUCTIONS: How to build your Policy Summary & Critique paper (4 pages total)

Paper’s title.

Name, Course name & Section.

1.  Introduction: not necessary                                                      

2.  Policy initiative or legislation summary of the main points   (2-3 pages)

3.  Pros: what is good about this policy & why it is likely to solve the problem mentioned in the Introduction  (1.5-2 pages)

4.  Conclusion: not necessary

5.  References:   Minimum 3 current quality references in APA form   (0.5 page)       



The purpose of this paper is to improve your articulation of advocacy for improved health policies with stakeholders & policymakers.  This is not a research thesis paper, so please do not say: “this researcher says this….”.   No direct quotes please, just explain clearly what you mean.    Remember that you are “translating” what you have understood into understandable “bytes” for your colleagues in the class to expand their familiarity with these recent policies/legislation. 

Stick to this paper’s structure & follow your outline to help it flow logically.  This is your opportunity to summarize essential current policies for everyone, yet also express your own point of view.  Please do not get carried away with tangential issues.  Be logical, clear, & purposeful.

When you have a better understanding of how the US healthcare system works, you can include that improved understanding into your paper.  You can use the analytical tools you will be given in the first 2 weeks of class, like Biopsychosocial perspectives, Social Determinants of Health, Global Burden of Disease, Salutogenesis, Sense of Coherence, & your own perspectives.


Websites helpful for your Policy & Critique paper

You are a health professional who should use professional & evidence-based websites like pubmed for your information.  However, these policy & legislative initiatives are quite recent, so you may only be able to read about them in the press.  Be careful to examine a variety of viewpoints derived from quality news & legislative sources & avoid random websites.  Try to gain insight regarding your sources’ motivations, since you may not get a complete picture about new or controversial policy initiatives which have important health implications only for some people or populations.  Thus, examine your material well & think carefully.

Here are some useful websites to help think about your selected policy:

Medical information:

General Medical Information:



CDC Budget overview, 2020:

CDC Budget details 2022:

CDC COVID funding:

CDC Public health awardees for disparities research:


NYC Dept of Health Data: gov/site/doh/data/”>

NYC Dept of Health data & Tables:

NYS Health data:

NYC Dept of Health Data:

NYC Dept of Health data & Tables:

NYS Health data:

NYS Dept of Health Regulations:

NYS Assembly & legislation:

NYC Dept of Health Health Code & Rules:

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Supreme Court overruling Roe v Wade

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