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Go based of the thesis doc provided.

You will be required to complete a four-page (4) term paper on a topic to be selected from a list of themes that will be provided. Although this project is essentially a reflection paper its content will be presented in accordance with clearly stipulated methodological guidelines. Before writing the paper, you MUST submit a short write-up or a thesis of what you hope to write about for approval. The purpose of the thesis is to ensure that you have a clear vision of both the aims and objectives of the project. The Thesis constitutes 20 points like any other weekly assignment. Navigate the Canvas to access the topics, and guidelines on how to write both the thesis and the reflection paper. (See the link entitled “Research Topics.”) under “Files”. The reflection paper counts for 25 points of the final grade.

Criteria for assessment: The assessment of your performance will be based on a fourfold criterion: (i) your participation in the discussion Board, (i) your ability to complete all the course projects (listed above) in a timely manner, (iii) the quality of your written work.

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