Terms & Conditions

These Terms and Conditions ("User Agreement") regulate usage and the access of the researchpaper101.com ("Website") that is owned by the Ivany Concepts LTD, registered under the law of United Kingdom. 

While using the website, placing an order or making the payment, it is assumed that you are acknowledged with these Terms and Conditions and agree with them. If you do not agree with these Terms and Conditions, please restrain from using the service or accessing the website.

1. Definitions

Agreement – User Agreement that regulates the usage of the website.

Client – a person who used the service provided by the website.

Customer Support – website support representatives, responsible for solving problems related to the orders, communication with the writer, revisions, and refunds.

Order – list of requirements or technical task from the client with a detailed description of the required service.

Payment – specific amount of money required for the completion of the task/order.

Product – final version of the task delivered by the writer.

Technical Support – website support representatives that are responsible for solving technical problems associated with the website.

User – a person who has created an account on the website and uses/provides services.

Writer – a person who is responsible for requested task performance.

2. Registration

2.1. The usage of the valid email address is required while registering/placing an order on the Website since the usage of the invalid email address will be viewed as a violation.

2.2. After placing an Order, new Client will automatically obtain an account to keep track of the Order progress and to communicate with the Writer. Returned Client may use previous records to place an order.

2.3. To place an Order on the Website for any request, payment is not required. Payment needs to be submitted while hiring the Writer to work on the Order. The Order will not be in progress until payment is processed.

2.4. To log in to account, User must enter an email address and the password, submitted while placing the first order on the Website.

2.5. Communication with the Writer is an essential part of the process: Client may communicate with the Writer via messages on the Website.

2.6. The Writer is responsible for the completion of the job according to provided technical task/instructions. Writer either accepts or proposes own bid for the completion of the task. As soon as Client chooses the Writer, payment will be processed through the checkout form.

2.7. Client is required to check messages to ensure efficient communication with the writer to avoid delays and misunderstandings that might lead to refund or dissatisfaction with the service.

2.8. Client is not allowed to share personal information with the Writer for security purposes. For communication, Client is required to use the Website only.

2.9. Underage individuals (younger than 18) are not allowed to use the Service.

Client is eligible of offering personal request which can be completed upon mutual agreement with the writer. Customized service is offered as well.

3. Payment

3.1.Client can make a payment on the Website using VISA or MasterCard credit/debit cards.

3.2. Client is responsible for paying taxes, including services or value added taxes that might be applicable.

3.3. Client transfers full price for the Order (it includes Service Fee and Transaction Fee) at the stage of hiring the Writer.

3.4. Payment to the Writer is available for withdrawal twice a month. Payment is released upon approval of the Order by the Client.

3.5. Writer is responsible for a timely request of personal funds that are available for withdrawal.

3.6. Client and Writer are not allowed to disclose payment information.

3.7. Client is not allowed to make Payment transfer directly to the Writer using any other payment methods not provided on the Website: any user may be blocked if attempted or intended to proceed this way.

3.8. Website services are paid: any User may discontinue the use of any type of service at any time liable to this agreement. Service Fee is not applied when the order is not placed.

3.9. Transaction fees should be covered by the Client. Dispute of the chargeback by payment institution presupposed a fee for the consideration of the chargeback.

3.10. Website works as a marketplace. Payment is divided between the Website and the Writer, the division is a service fee that is calculated individually for every order.

3.11. In cases when Client chooses the option to assign writer automatically, Payment is submitted before Writer is assigned/hired.

4. Processing of the Order

4.1. After hiring the Writer, funds are set on hold, prior to starting the work with the Order. After that, further alterations of the Order are not allowed.

4.2. Order status may be tracked on the website through a personal account. Existing statuses include the following:

  • Not Paid – order is unpaid: pending writer’s allocation: writers review the task and place their bids
  • Bidding – order is paid, writers review the task and place their bids because the previous writer was reassigned.
  • Confirmation – writer is assigned and final confirmation is pending.
  • In Progress – writer works on the order.
  • Delivered – writer has completed the task and uploaded files for client’s review.
  • Revision – client provided comments for the modification of the task and writer is expected to revise the paper within allocated time.
  • Finished – client approves writer’s work and accepts the order.
  • Cancelled – order is off progress; no work can be carried out.
  • Dispute – client requests refund and waits for the resolution.
  • Hold - clarification from Client is required and order cannot be processed

4.3. The Client may change Order details only before Writer is hired. After Writer’s allocation and submission of payment, no changes in the Order can be made. In case any changes are required, new Order has to be placed.

Order processing starts from the moment of payment: before payment is submitted, deadline is not calculated.

Deadline starts calculating from the moment when Client hires the Writer.

4.4. Client's instructions for the Order must be clear and accurate: it allows to avoid problems with understanding and interpretation of instructions by the Writer.

4.5. Every Order volume is measured in the number of words only. One page is equal to 280 words. Writer is required to follow the format, volume, and requirements. In the case of the mismatch, Client has a right to request revision.

4.6. In cases when total volume of the work cannot be measured in the number of words, the final price for the service is set upon mutual agreement from both parties, Client and Writer upon the offer of the latter and confirmation of the prior. No changes can be made after mutual agreement and Client’s consent.

4.7. Client may also request a revision if initial technical task was not followed by the Writer. In case revision comments are completely different and/or are not coherent with the initial request, Writer has a right to decline the request and has a right to keep allocated amount of money.

4.8. Client is eligible for free revision within 7 days after the final deadline for the order. All delivered orders will automatically approve after 7 days from the final Order deadline.

4.9. Client is encouraged to maintain communication with the Writer and vice-versa.

4.10. Writer is required to answer all requests within 24 hours from the moment of sending the message by the addresser. In cases when a reply is not received, it means Writer gives personal consent on further actions that concern this request.

4.11. Client is required to answer all requests within 48 hours from the moment of sending the message by the addresser. In cases when a reply is not received, it means Client gives personal consent on further actions that concern this request.

4.12. Writer is required to submit the task within the allocated deadline.

4.13. Client may shorten the deadline of the Order only upon mutual agreement with the Writer.

4.14. In cases of delay, Writer is required to inform Client and ask for an extension. Delay of the Product delivery is automatically penalized.

Writer may request reconsideration of fine through sending a message in the specific order.

Client is not required to provide extension and may request a refund when writer is unable to deliver the order on time.

4.15. In cases when Writer is not reachable and/or does not respond to messages, Client may contact support for further clarifications.

4.16. All notices from the Website to Users will be either:

  • forwarded to the email address that is stated in the Account.
  • displayed on the Website in the notifications section;
  • displayed on the personal page of the Users.

5. Order Cancellation

5.1. Client or Writer has a right to cancel the Order when it is on the “Not Paid” status. After successful cancellation of the Order, its status changes to “Cancelled”.

5.2. Cancellation of the Order on “In Progress” status may be requested using User’s account, by mutual agreement between Writer and Client - the receiving party is eligible to decline cancellation request. Cancellation is possible only if both parties confirm this decision.

5.3. Cancelled order may be returned to progress after hiring the writer and submission of the payment.

5.4. After cancellation of the Order, funds will be returned to the account that was used to proceed with the payment within 5-7 business days.

6. Delivery of the Order

6.1. Writer is responsible for delivering final Product that meets all requirements in terms of the volume, technical task, and the usage of provided materials.

6.2. Client is responsible for the maintenance of efficient communication and the track of the order progress. Website and Writer are not responsible for:

  • incorrect email address,
  • internet outages,
  • spam filters,
  • inability or unwillingness to indicate working channels of communication.

6.3. The Client is encouraged to contact customer or technical support for any kind of assistance.

6.4. Product is delivered to the Client in an email as a link to a personal account on the Website, where it can be downloaded.

6.5. The Client is responsible for downloading the Product in a timely manner.

6.6. Client is required to accept the Product only in cases when all expectations and requirements are met. Client is eligible for a refund within 20 days from the final deadline.

6.7. Writer is required to provide unique Product that is plagiarism free. In cases of detecting any type of plagiarism, Writer may be penalized in the amount up to 100% of the bid and more, depending on the type and similarity percentage.

6.8. For more details regarding refunds, feel free to check our Money Back Guarantee.

7. The Use of the Product

7.1. Writer passes the ownership of the Product to the Website after its submission on the page.

7.2. While placing an OrderClient agrees that:

  • Website retains copyright for the Product,
  • Website is not responsible for:
    • usage of the Product in academic fraud and/or cheating;
    • plagiarism; unsatisfactory grading; lawsuits; loss of a scholarship, awards, grants, positions; expulsion and suspension; academic probation; course failure or any other disciplinary or legal actions;
    • any and all disciplinary actions that result from the illegal, improper and use;
    • usage of the Product that violates this Agreement.
  • Website has a right to interrupt cooperation with a Client who takes part in academic fraud, cheating and dishonesty, and/or any other illegal or unethical activities,
  • Website has a right to stop providing services if the Client violates this Agreement of the Product usage.

7.3. Purchase of the Service allows the User to obtain a non-exclusive license for the Product usage.

7.4. Website grants User a right to use Product for commercial and non-commercial purposes after its approval.

8. Privacy and Security

8.1. While registering, Client and Writer are required to create a safe password. It should be kept secure and should not be shared with third parties.

8.2. In cases when a password is forgotten, it might be restored using a specified function on the web page or using this link.

8.3. Website collects and stores Personal Data that includes personal data and details of the payment. For more detailed information, feel free to review Privacy Policy.

9. Website Usage

9.1. Users agree that Website cannot be used as a platform for personal arrangements and/or contractual relationships that might set up between the Users.

9.2. Writer does not initiate an employment relationship and is not an employee of the Website.

9.3. Website has a right to request a confirmation of personal information from the Writer or Client.

9.4. Website has a right to access any information that is placed on the platform.

9.5. Writer and Client are required to inform the Website about unauthorized access to the account or any other possible breach.

9.6. Website cannot be used for any illegal purposes that include the following:

  • dissemination of any unlawful, abusive, threatening, harmful, harassing, obscene material that breaches any law;
  • presentation of any material that is connected with a promotion of a criminal offense;
  • interfere in the activity of any other user of the Website;
  • storage and transmission of electronic copies of copyrighted materials without the owner’s permission;
  • action that affects the lawful operation of the Website or may negatively affect other User;
  • User is responsible for the breach of this agreement and is responsible for any losses and costs resulting from the breach.

9.7. Website has a right to block Client’s or Writer’s account if the violation of the agreement is revealed.

9.8. Website has a right to block Client’s or Writer’s account without specifying the reason even upon the request.

9.9. It is strictly prohibited to transfer an account to any third party. Registered account holder is responsible for any violations: such accounts may be terminated.

10. Intellectual Property Rights (“IPRs”)

10.1. IPRs for the Website content (text, images, logo, code, video, sounds) belong to Devoltex LTD.

10.2. Any Product uploaded to the Website is an object of intellectual property.

10.3. Full copyright of any Product is retained by the Devoltex LTD.

10.4. Payment for Products allows to obtain a non-exclusive license for their usage.

10.5. Client agrees not to distribute, publish, transmit, modify, display or create derivative works from the contents of this Website, without prior written permission.

10.6. Users are responsible for all losses parties may suffer as a result of any unauthorized use.

10.7. Client has to ensure that any materials uploaded to the Website do not violate intellectual property or any other rights that are connected to intellectual property according to the applicable laws. Client will be responsible for any losses related to the violation of IPRs.

10.8. Website abides all Copyright laws. Any violating activity is exclusively responsibility of the Client in case it concerns the breach of this Agreement.

11. Disclaimer and Liability

11.1. The Website is set as it is and in case Users' equipment does not support corresponding technology, including encryption, some of the features might not be accessible or usable.

11.2. The access to the Website is performed through the World Wide Web. The usage of the World Wide Web is solely at Users’ own risk and subjected to national and international laws and regulations that are applicable. Website might not be appropriate or available for use in some jurisdictions.

11.3. The Website might have links to the external sources that are owned by third parties. Those resources usually have their own regulations that have to be viewed before using or visiting those sources. Website is not liable or responsible for websites and resources of third parties.

11.4. Website is not responsible for any damage or loss caused by the Website modifications.

11.5. Website does not have any liability to User or any other person that is connected with the Product, but is not limited to

  • failed, incomplete, garbled or delayed computer and/or email transmissions;
  • malfunctions of the network, Internet, email, software or any other related difficulties;
  • any events that happened beyond the control that might cause the Product and/or Service to be (as applicable) delayed or corrupted;
  • any losses, damages or injuries that result from the usage of the Website and/or Service; or
  • any typographical, formatting and printing errors in any Product.

11.6. Website makes no warranty that Product:

  • will fully meet the requirements of a Client;
  • will be provided on time, securely-protected and without any errors;
  • will be reliable, legal, virus-free and will not have any potentially harmful code.

11.7. Any information and/or materials that are accessed through the Website, Users can use at their own risk and of their own responsibility.

11.8. Website is not responsible for consequences arising from inability to use the Website, or for any other reason including, but not limited to, any matters due to any events outside reasonable control; or any unforeseeable losses or damages.

11.9. Nothing contained in this Agreement is dedicated to the limitation or exclusion of liability connected to the death or personal injury that might become the result of negligence, misinterpretation or any additional liability empowered by the law or anything that might User’s statutory rights as a consumer.

11.10. Users are not allowed to transfer any rights under this Agreement to any other person. Website may transfer its rights under this Agreement to another business where the rights of the Users will not be affected.

11.11. The Website, its officers, directors, employees, or agents are not liable to Users or any third party for any incidental, direct, indirect, special or any other damages related or resulting from this AgreementServices or the Website. Any damage related to this Agreement will be limited to the greater of the amount of claims, as was deposited by Client through a personal account. The existence of more than one claim will not enlarge this limit. The foregoing limitation of liability shall apply to the fullest extent permitted by law in the applicable jurisdiction.

12. Governing law and jurisdiction

12.1. This Agreement is governed by the laws of Estonia. The United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods is not applicable for this Agreement and does not regulate it.

12.2. All disputes related to this Agreement should be resolved by negotiations between the parties that presuppose to make all possible efforts for dispute resolution. In cases when consent cannot be reached, disputes should be resolved by the courts of competent jurisdiction of Estonia exclusively on an individual basis.

12.3. Website reserves the right at any time to

  • change information, specifications, features or functions of web pages or Services
  • stop, change, discontinue partially or fully provision of Services or any part of the Website that include content or database,
  • limit certain features and services or prohibit access to parts or all services without the necessity to provide previous notifications, without liability to Users or any other third party. Users should be notified about changes to the services and/or Website that are connected with potential material and functional loss.

12.4. Website may update or revise this Agreement. All Users have to be informed about any change in this Agreement. It is necessary for all Users to check this Agreement after the update notification. The use of the Website following any update constitutes User’s agreement to be bound by and comply with this Agreement as updated or revised, Users may be asked to give your explicit consent to be bound by new Agreement. It is Users’ responsibility to review Agreement periodically.

13. Miscellaneous

13.1. Languages. This Agreement is presented English and this version prevails over any translations to other languages. Website is not responsible for any inaccuracies that might arise due to translation to any other language. Communication should be held in English.

13.2. Other Jurisdictions Features and services that are offered on the website might not be available in all locations worldwide. Usage of the offered services in jurisdictions that prohibit access to them is performed exclusively at the own risk of the User. The Website is not responsible for compliance with local law.

14. Contact details

For further information regarding the Website, feel free to contact us using details on Contact Us page.

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