the effectiveness of the teacher’s classroom strategies

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English 1104 Analysis Essay
450-600 words
Draft Essay due by Sunday, October 30 at 11:59 PM (5%)
Revised Essay due by Sunday, November 13 at 11:59 PM (15%)
This assignment will ask you to analyze and evaluate the effectiveness of a teacher responding to student misbehaviour in ONE of the listed videos. Using what you have learned in your other classes about appropriate classroom management, and your own experience as a parent and/or student, you will evaluate the effectiveness
of the teacher’s classroom strategies for preventing and/or responding to students’ actions.
Case study (Tim)—part one,
Disruptive Dan,
Student misbehaviour,
Introduction (approximately 100-150 words):
 Begin by briefly introducing your topic in two or three sentences.
 Next, giving the title of the video, briefly summarize it in two or three sentences, focusing your
summary on how the video relates to your topic of student behaviour and the teacher’s response.
 Your thesis should state your analysis and evaluation of the teacher’s classroom management and
response to the student(s), and should address this question: Is the teacher effective in reducing and/or
addressing student misbehaviour? Why or why not?
Body Paragraphs (1 or 2, approximately 150-300 words each):
 Your goal is to ANALYZE HOW each teacher responds to the students’ behaviour, and EVALUATE
the effectiveness of that response. If you feel it is not effective, how could the teacher have prevented
the behaviour and/or responded more effectively?
Include specific examples from the video to illustrate and support your analysis. Whether you
summarize, paraphrase, or quote from the video, provide an in-text citation that gives the time of the
section you are referencing from the video, and include an APA formatted References List with
the video and any research sources you use in the essay.
Conclusion (approximately 80-100 words):
 Reinforce your analysis and evaluation, highlighting the strengths and/or weaknesses of the teacher’s
response. If applicable, reinforce what they could do better.

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the effectiveness of the teacher’s classroom strategies

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