The Necessary Changes to Title V of The Clean Air Act Permit Petition Process.

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The Necessary Changes to Title V of The Clean Air Act Permit Petition Process.
Outline and Research provided along with some sources may use others.

What issue do you want to work on and what is the most appropriate entity to enact this policy? For instance, is what you are suggesting something a city can do, or does what you are doing fall into the jurisdiction of the state or a particular federal department (or, if you are targeting a particular non-governmental entity, why this entity)? In order to answer this you will need to learn about which levels of government/ departments deal most closely with the issue you want to work on. You will need to include a justification of why you are focusing on the entity you are targeting in the final assignment.
You will need to do some research about all the possible ways you could move towards a solution to the issue you are interested in. You will need to investigate how other governments or departments or companies or NGOs have tried to address this justice and sustainability issue. What are all the ideas that are out there? How might you be able to use these previous examples or parts of them to address the specific issue you are working on?
You will need to clearly propose a policy, explaining what you are proposing, how it would work, and why you think this is the best option. In order to do this you will need to combine your knowledge of what the particular level of government/department responsibilities are, how other entities have worked to solve this issue, and your analysis of justice to make the strongest case you can. Why is your policy proposal a good idea for this jurisdiction? How will it be able to address this sustainability and justice problem?
You will need to articulate three arguments you think that people could make against your proposal. Why would some people not like what you are proposing? Are there ways you could use this to make your proposal more appealing to more people? If so, change it accordingly and explain why/how you did this (i.e. “originally we decided to propose xyz but then realized that stakeholders a,b, and c, would be concerned about ghj. Therefore we altered our original proposal in the following ways to accommodate these concerns. Specifically, we …….”). If you do not think there is a way to accommodate these concerns, you will need to explain what allies or groups you would want to work with to ensure that there was broad support for your idea despite these concerns.

A and above: A grade projects will include all the core requirements, be easy to read, well organized, and make a strong, compelling arguing using effective and appropriate evidence that the proposed course of action will address the injustice identified.

B: B grade projects will largely be complete, and will be understandable but may have some writing issues, may not always use strong evidence and/or do not link the evidence to their proposal. The overall argument is less convincing.

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The Necessary Changes to Title V of The Clean Air Act Permit Petition Process.

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