Top 10 Greatest Scientists Who Changed the World

Top 10 Greatest Scientists Who Changed the World

Top 10 Greatest Scientists Who Changed the World


Discussion 1

Review the “Top 10 Greatest Scientists Who Changed the World” video, and the article “What Has Science Done for You Lately?” in this module’s resources. Consider what scientist and milestone scientific discovery helped pave the way for the natural-science topic you identified in your news story in Project 1. Provide a response to the following in your initial post:

Identify the major historical scientific discovery that is the foundation for the natural science news story you have examined throughout the course.  Provide a brief (2- to 3-paragraph) summary of the scientist who made the historical scientific discovery you identified in the first question. Use examples from your news story to show how this historical scientific discovery impacts our world today.

Discussion 2

In this short answer assignment, you’ll discuss what you already knew about your chosen topic and choose a single question that you’d be most interested in studying if you were a natural scientist.

1. What prior knowledge and assumptions did you have about the science topic in your article before reading your news story? In other words, describe what you already knew—or thought you knew—about the topic. 2. In Project 1, you thought like a natural scientist and identified some questions you might ask about your chosen topic. Now it’s time to narrow it down. Which question would you be most interested in studying if you were a natural scientist? Share your chosen question and justify why you chose it.

Discussion 3

In this short answer assignment, you’ll read about and discuss what can happen when special interest groups spend money to try to fight scientific research that would harm their businesses. For discussion 3 there is an attachment with the assignment questions on it below

  • attachmentSCI100ModuleFourShortAnswerGuidelinesandRubric.pdf
  • attachmentSCI219MilestoneOneWorksheet1.docx
  • attachment1-2Journal.docx
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