“‘Weed’ as Holy Rastafari Sacrament”.

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“‘Weed’ as Holy Rastafari Sacrament“.
For this essay, you should approach a practitioner of another religion (a fellow student, a faculty, a friend, a person you know, a religious specialist, …) and interview him/her about a very specific aspect of his/her religion.
My topic is “‘Weed’ as Holy Rastafari Sacrament”.
You must use this name as an interviewer: Alexander Dueñas, a practitioner of Rastafarian customs for six years.
This is the source for my essay
Chicago Style Citation:
Chevannes, Barry. 1994. Rastafari Roots and Ideology. https://fiuflvc.primo.exlibrisgroup.com/discovery/fulldisplay?docid=alma991002021862706571&context=L&vid=01FALSC_FIU:FIU&lang=en&search_scope=ebooks&adaptor=Local%20Search%20Engine&tab=All40&query=any,contains,rastafarian,AND&mode=advanced&offset=10
In text citation:
Chevannes 199, chap 8

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“‘Weed’ as Holy Rastafari Sacrament”.

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