Week 7 Biological Basis of Behavior

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Discussion section: Physical brain trauma and psychological trauma can have devastating effects. Because trauma is not usually delivered by a surgeon but by a catastrophe, the effects can be hard to categorize. Because concussions and other brain traumas are common, however, they deserve an attempt to figure them out.

Step 1: Watch Green, Trauma and Addiction:

Step 2: Read this article about snowboarder, Kevin Pearce and his recovery from a traumatic brain injury.

Step 3: Address the following questions in one paragraph for each of the two questions:


1. How does acute stress differ from chronic stress? Your answer should include neurobiological and physiological differences, in addition to a definition and example of each type of stress. 

2. It’s clear that people differ in their exposure to stressors. How do they differ in resilience as well? Discuss whether or not our level of resilience can impact recovery from trauma (psychological or physical). 

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Week 7 Biological Basis of Behavior

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