Xerox Strategic Alliances

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Xerox Strategic Alliances
1- Does Xerox have established Strategic Alliances, have Mergers with other companies, or have acquired other companies in the past ten years? Search the Internet for qualitative and quantitative data.

2- Explain how would Xerox benefit (competitive advantage) from establishing strategic alliances, merging with other companies, and acquiring other companies? Explain what other strategic alliances or acquisitions you would recommend to your client Xerox. Cite the possible partners’ (companies) names and briefly describe their business.

The first paragraph or however you want to do it should talk about what is a strategic alliance

Provide a detailed analysis.
Use online articles about xerox like Bloomberg. (scholarly articles do not have to be used.)

Lastly, do not talk about the origins of xerox. You don’t have to discuss when and who founded it and stuff like that.

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Xerox Strategic Alliances

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